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Our Help Extends to

  • Air & Sea Freight Service
  • Transpotation services for General & Containarised cargoes in Afghanistan and also from Pakistan
  • Break-Bulk moving to Afghnaistan
  • Diplomatic HHG & PE
  • Embassies
  • NGOs
  • United Nations : WFP / UNOCA
  • Afghan Government
  • Commercial / Private Cargo via Karachi & Bandar Abass



Au-logistics has offices in Afghanistan, Pakistan & Dubai.

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WHY CHOOSE Au-logistics

  • Air Cargo Handling

    Au -Logistics & Karawan M.H Have at leat 13 year's experience in Handling of Air Cargo shipments at Kabul /Mazar-e-Sharief /Kandahar Airport's we are Just a Call away from you to Handle /Pick up /Deliver ur commercial & Non commercial Goods.

  • CIS Cargo

    we have a very Good profile for Pakistani exports to CIS destinations via Afghanistan and Bandar Abass you can easily reach with us to Below CIS Destinations .

    • Tashkent
    • Qarshi
    • Smarkand
    • Bukhara
    • Chimkent
    • Bishkek
    • Almatay
    • Dounshanbe
    • Baku
    • Ashkabad
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Diplomatic Cargo

we've a Good set-up for Packing /unpacking Tax exemptions (Mafinamas ) and Transportation with personalised service's of Diplomatic Cargo TO /From Afghanistan.

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Au logistics Have own setup for Handling /Keeping /Vaccination /Documentation /Cage / for live Pets in Afghanistan and can carry from all over the world to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan to all Destinations around the Globe

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Turkey to Afghanistan

Au logistics Have a special set-up for land Transportation of any Shipment from Turkey to Afghanistan you're now just a call away from us for any enquiry from Turkey to Afghanistan.


We are one of Pioneer famous and reliable freight forwarding Company in Afghanistan having Branches in all Major cities of Afghanistan with professsional and qualified staff  offering our services.

Cars to Afghanistan

All types of Cars Jeep pickups now you can easily ship fro European /Canadian /USA loading ports with us to any destination of Afghanistan